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Building a Strategic Approach to Staff, Board and Stakeholder Engagement.

To achieve your organization’s mission, every person needs to be in the right place.

To engage with your stakeholders, you must be willing to invest in the people who make up your non-profit. Staff members are integral to a successful organization because they help with tasks that have an impact on the community and reach out to audiences both local and global.

In today’s world of non-profits, which has grown exponentially over the past decades, it is essential that we continue investing in our staff and workforce so that they can run more efficiently. When staffs are happy, their productivity increases as well as their motivation level for making a difference within their respective field or department.

I provide the following services to help non-profit organizations make the most of their people:

1. Women Leadership empowerment

when women support women, great things happen!

Let me equip your women with leadership skills and resources to help them become better leaders.

Many corporations and organizations are becoming aware of the benefits of women leadership. It may be difficult to find a company that does not support female empowerment. To strengthen your leadership and strengthen your non-profit organization, I am always here to help you. Leadership is the foundation of any organization – it makes all the difference! Knowing what to say and how to lead when you are in charge can sometimes be challenging.
I help women become empowered and better leaders in their non-profit. I provide them with the necessary tools to manage grant writing, annual reports, and other important documents related to fundraising and nonprofit ideas. I also offer free consulting services where we can guide you through the process of successfully growing their non-profit. My mission is to provide women with the tools and resources they need to be empowered leaders.

My Women Leadership Empowerment Program

New Leadership Development

Establish a plan for developing future women leaders in your organization before your current executives depart by positioning women to take over leadership roles.

Executive and Management Coaching

Leading is lonely, but it does not have to be. Meet with a non-profit CEO weekly, monthly or quarterly for guidance and advice on how you can overcome your leadership challenges and become the leader your organization needs you to be!

Leadership Role empowerment

As a women leader, you should work on the right things at the right time with the right skill set. You can do this by following your organizations strategic plan because it is your best bet for success.

2. Volunteer Engagement
and Training

Volunteers are a crucial part of any organization. They bring energy and engagement to the table, but they can also be costly if you don’t keep them engaged through training and volunteer management tools

No one is more valuable than a volunteer. Whether you are an individual or part of an organization, the work volunteers do can be invaluable and provide for some of your most needed resources. Fortunately, there are ways to keep volunteers engaged in their work so that they will want to stay with your company or organization longer.

Volunteer management tools like training and incentives, help keep these employees around while also providing them with the tasks they need to do regularly. Volunteer engagement ideas and training are great ideas for any organization.
It may not be easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Do you need to recruit volunteers? Do you need help with the onboarding process? Talk to me about your need. I can help you recruit, train and empower volunteer so seemingly that they become part of your team.

3. Board Optimization

A lot of great ways you can follow to optimize your board members. Using a centralized tool is perfect for effective board optimization. This allows you to keep everyone on the same page and ensure they are working towards the company’s goals. Most non-profits often struggle to develop board members capable of understanding their roles, cultivating mutually beneficial relations with the organization’s staff.

Many also find it difficult in forming the strategic oversight framework and fulfilling the strategic oversight role for which boards are responsible.
Organizations around the world find themselves with boards that are either too large or ineffective to perform their responsibilities. My goal at Philips Consulting is to prevent dysfunction and make boards more effective by offering consulting services tailored specifically to non-profit boards.

My board optimization
work focuses on:

Finding the best board structure, roles, responsibilities, and composition based on the mission.

Evaluating board members to make sure they are in the right roles and identifing gaps that need to be filled;

Developing effective new member orientation manuals for the board;

Making sure board members gain the capabilities and have the tools and opportunities to impact the people and communities the organization serves;

Teaching board members how to be more effective in fundraising and provideing them with resources to communicate better with the community.

Download Effective Ways To Engage Your Board Members In Fundraising
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