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Google Ads Grant

You’re struggling to grow your non-profit and find new potential donors. Your website is not getting enough traffic, so you can’t effectively communicate with potential supporters. Imagine having a steady stream of relevant visitors coming to your website every month through Google search advertising.
This will allow you to reach more people who are interested in supporting your cause, and it will help you raise more money for the causes that matter most. As a trusted Google Ad Grant Partner, I will help your non-profit utilize the Ad Grant as a way to increase visibility online and lead users to key landing pages. By effectively utilizing the grant, we can improve your Google SERP results and reach more potential supporters through increased visibility.

Set up plus monthly management and report $250+ $80 monthly Purchase.

Solve Big Issues with One Hour of Support

With insights, creativity, and coaching, we help you work through your challenges in a comfortable setting. This option allows you to receive one hour of support for your appeal, review important issues, or whatever is of the utmost importance to you.

Purchase $180

Custom Digital / Social Media Strategies and Execution

Do you want to reach more people with your message through effective digital marketing?
Non-profits need more than a social media account. They need a social media expert who can help them develop and execute the most effective strategies and provide actionable steps for improving your website and bringing in more donations.

Purchase $160

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