How to Start a viral fundraising campaign for your nonprofit

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# 1  Make sure your message is clear and concise

your messaging is very important when creating a campaign, it need to be clear and concise by being creative with a catchy and clear title that gets people’s . when considering your message, think about your audience on social media, and what kind of person they are, and what will catch their attention, one of the best way i have been helping my clients to create great messages is by keeping the message short,  and to the point another good thing about a clear and concise message is that it will make your campaign much easier to promote, because people are more likely to retweet or share something they can understand.  a great example of this was the ice bucket challenge which was viral on social media in 2014. once you have created a short title for your campaign, ask yourself how many times would someone need to see your post before they take action? if it’s five messages then keep posting at least once an hour for those first few posts–the last one should be asking them to donate now so you’ll get their contact information!

#2 Create a compelling video

video is the future of fundraising .it’s a proven technique that raises donations .when your donors see the faces of those they’re helping, video trend more than text, research shows people watch video more than they read text or mall. you are properly watching me because this is a video and it also give you opportunity to connect with me and understand me more better because of the contact, connections, and the contact you have with me in video. how can you create a compelling video? . i will explain it in three easy steps

  1. Make your campaign videos personal starts for,

tell your organization story in a way that it personally resonate with you, in a way that you feel the need to serves, something asking writers to help you with this might not good suggestion, your story and why you do what you do , it what will move people , your story matters and you should not be afraid to tell it, just the way it is, when you share your story in a personal way it intimate with your audience, it allow them to see your fears and hopes.

  1. Make your video campaign emotional

start by asking yourself what is the feeling you want to communicate,

once you figure that out then ask yourself how do you make people feel it. . video can bring back those feelings in a way that words never could. You need them to be involved with your story and they will share it when they are emotionally invest in what your saying. The most powerful emotion of all is love because we have an instinctive desire for connection with other human beings, so if I am able to give somebody hope or joy through my work then I know their campaign has succeeded. Make your videos interesting anything worth experiencing should also be worth communicating about , each story starts at least one thing worth noticing from which everything else flows as well as every great adventure. when you are emotionally connected with people who are like you , that what will matters most because they can relate to you in a way no one else can, talk about how things make you feel. this not just be verbal as well but also visual on camera or video where we could show our feelings instead of telling them . remember when talking about money?

  1. make your video campaign authentic

an authentic video campaign is made with your voice and your body language. people want to connect with you when they see you on video, it humanizes the campaign by having someone in front of the camera speaking directly to them about their shared values . a successful campaigns are based around a meaningful message that resonates with an audience (not just donors). make sure what you’re asking for has been thoughtfully considered so that donors know where their money will go–and how far it will stretch. have a strategy before undertaking any fundraising effort; this includes knowing how much funds need collected and what resources would be needed as well as planning specific goals for after receiving funding from supporters. don’t forget to tell those who donate why

#3 Reach out to bloggers in your niche for coverage and promotion and use social media

Do a small research by finding out bloggers in your nichie, there are many blog site about homeless, if that is your need, there are also some blogging site about hunger etc. you can start by looking on google or you tube, watch some videos and see what sites they are linked to. Make a list of bloggers in your niche then find their email address, another way to find bloggers in your niche is to use twitter. You will also want to build relationships with bloggers and reporters who have written about similar nonprofits or causes, because they may be interested in your story too!

if this is a new non profit and probably your first viral campaign to get off the ground, it’s important that there are enough resources (like time) available within the team as well as other individuals like your advisors at hand. Be prepared for any future needs by having those resources lined up from day one if possible- this includes knowing how much funds need collected and what resources would be needed as well as planning specific goals for after receiving funding from supporters. use social media to reach out to potential supporters and friends to help spread the word too- posting on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, etc. about your organization’s mission will only grow that base of support!. look for local business within your area that has huge online presence for reposting your campaign on their webpage. recruiting what i can social media angel is also very crucial , this could be friends or family who are able to help you spread your message on their own social media page . make a list of atleast 20 people whom you know on facebook or other social media who can help you share your message, the more people you speak to about it and give them instruction on what to do the more successful it is . One way you can make your fundraising campaign go viral is to look for social media posts of people who have a large following. When these influencers post or share about the non-profit, it will reach many more people through their connections and fan base. Use this strategy by looking up potential influencers in your area on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.; contact them with an email telling them why they should be supporting your cause; and then ask if they would consider sharing information about it on their social media page along with a mention linking back to the organization’s website or campaign page,


#4 Post the campaign on social media with a hashtag


The hashtag is used to show that your organization and campaign are part of a larger conversation. When someone searches for the term, they will find all posts with that same tag. This strategy can be beneficial because it creates an online community where people who care about this specific issue can share their thoughts and opinions on it from anywhere in the world. The hashtag should also include the name of your non-profit or campaign so other users know which cause you’re talking about. For example, if I worked at Animal Rights United, I might use #ARUhelpsanimals as my hashtag when posting on social media. hashtag is an excellent way to make your campaign viral by increasing the chances of someone who cares about your cause seeing it and sharing it on social media. Instagram allows the post to have at least 25 hashtags per post and this is a great place to use them. you can search the hashtag that has highest number of people following it on the hashtag’s website to find out what other people who follow that particular hashtag are looking for. you also want to make sure that people can donate on their social media pages or easy linking your campaign page,, social media like Facebook make it easy for people to donate right there without leaving the page, this is important especially when it might take a while for some website to load or slow due to traffic, about hashtag First off, use labels on posts like #donatehere so users know where they can donate after seeing something about a cause they care about when browsing social media feeds. Keep in mind that hashtags should be at least three words long with no spaces between them.


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