Are you having difficulty in fundraising for your nonprofit?

Generally, nonprofit organizations have trouble writing compelling cases for support due to the fact that they are either too busy or do not have expert knowledge about donor communication methods.

I can help you write a persuasive and compelling Case for Support  that will  make you stop begging , arm twisting and  selling stuff just to get  but instead

Your Organisation story needs to be told, your story is important , relevant and needs the support of your community. If you do not have a well-developed case for support, you will be history. For only  $99 you will have your Case for support document that might lead your fundraising communication,


- Mouna Dream
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Victoria and her team have been a tremendous help in developing my nonprofit's case for support Booklet. They are very knowledgeable, professional, thorough, understanding of our mission-driven work--and they're the best donor communication writers I've come across at such an affordable price!
- Farmer Initiative
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The graphics and formatting are top-notch. They make my nonprofit look like the perfect charity to donate to!
- Refugee Foundation
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Victoria and her team did not disappoint with their writing for my organization's case for support! Their knowledge is undeniable; thoroughly researching all aspects of what we do before beginning to draft any type of document or content was clear proof that this group takes pride in being experts on many different matters.
- Kids Network
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Thanks to Victoria and her team, I have a winning case for support written by the best of the best.

Act Now and Get These Incredible Bonuses

Bonus #1
The Fundraising Made easy ebook

The ebook is your companion, a step-by-step fundraising tutorial, teaching you everything you need to know about fundraising for the inexperienced and the experts alike without difficulty, regardless of the size of the nonprofit.

Bonus #2
A Detailed Prospecting List

We will provide you with over 250 prospect contact details who are in your community and could be  interested in your nonprofit.  


It can be described as a philanthropic investment prospectus: a simple document that informs potential donors what your organization hopes to achieve with their donations. A case may be developed for each program or just one for the entire organization. 

No, the whole cost is $129 , you will pay the balance $100 when your document is ready to be review

The time is when my team ask you the relevant questions we need to know about your nonprofit, and it also a time, after that we may contact you for any clarification or question before your Case for Support is ready

Usually a Case for Support is normally between 2- 9 pages depending on your mission.

We are nonprofit consultant, that study nonprofit management in a higher institution, we pride our self as one of the best nonprofit consultant in the world we have work with nonprofit all over the world and we have writing over 670 case for support , we are successful because we have a strategy of using  7 Components approach to write a compelling case for support .

It takes between 5 -7 days after meeting with you over zoom

You might need another case for support if the one you have is not emotional, appealing or telling the whole story of your nonprofit .

Your mission, website, about  answer to about  5-6 questions

No we write till you are satisfy we pride  ourself in work, our client felt in love with our work

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