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eBooks - Nonprofit Management Templates

We have free eBooks, useful and important templates. This is your chance to maximize your business productivity while remaining flexible and adapting to changing demands in an ever-changing world.


Do you have an event, project or general assessment of your website that requires a social media marketing strategy, online advertising ideas? Or would like to identify the best ways to boost your campaign and engagement on Facebook and Instagram?
We can help! We are offering a full-service marketing assessment for charity organizations with recommendations on how to improve their online presence not only to reach more recipients but also attract more donations!

Free Inspiring Africa Charities/NGOs on the Facebook page

Inspiring Africa is the one place to connect with all people working with various NGOs and organizations who are looking to make a difference in their different African countries. You will find posts about fundraising, unique nonprofit ideas, community work, Grant leads and much more. If you have non-profits in Africa, this is also a good place to connect.

Non-profit Management Assistance $150

Our experienced non-profit administrators will help you increase your administrative efficiency, provide a more robust reporting system, produce public presentations and troubleshoot any other issues. Our organizers have the experience it takes to manage your operations, and we give our clients tools they can use for years after our first consultation.
Our services are tailored to specific needs to maximize resources by working closely with non-profit founders on various issues that they cannot tackle alone. These are like board recruitment, building private partnership, and project-based issues. We focus on improving organizational culture from within, increasing personnel’s commitment to their organization’s work. $150 per project.

Virtual Capacity Building Workshops $10

This workshop will walk you through how to develop a strategic vision, mission and values for your non-profit. The development of these foundational pieces is critical as it sets the stage for your organization’s direction, decisions, communications and partnerships with others in the community. It will help identify where you are today so that we can talk about potential pathways toward success!

Free 30-min Consultation

This free 30-minute personalized consultation includes discussions about your vision and what you’ve accomplished so far on your personal journey; identifies potential obstacles in meeting these objectives; creates strategic plans or options to help target solutions that will best meet goals.

Email Marketing Tools

Easily get and grow your email list of people or organizations and donor contact list who would be interested in partnering with your non-profit. This is perfect for non-profits that are looking to grow their programs or cause awareness.

Tools To Stay More Organized and Effective

Honeybook helps you stay more organized and effective. All the tools you need to help you write the proposal, book clients and be effective.

Easy Create and Design Mockups and Generate More Funds

Creating high-quality mockups is easy. This premium web app helps you quickly create professional presentation templates and save or generate money by providing a premium selection of mockups, fonts, backgrounds, templates and graphics. There are three main categories to choose from

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