Boost Online Presence - Digital marketing solution


You want a marketing agency that understands your mission and values.


My digital marketing service and strategic plans have been created to help you attract new supporters and increase donations.

My digital marketing services include everything you need to get started – from strategy development and content creation to paid advertising support.

Boost your online presence with my full-service digital marketing solutions! I am practically the best digital marketing agency that specializes in helping non-profits. My team of experts can help you create and execute a digital strategy to reach your target audience, raise awareness about your cause, and ultimately achieve your mission.

Want to know how I can accelerate the success of your non-profit with my expertise in online marketing?

Google Ads Grants

The Google Ad Grant is $10,000 a month of in-kind advertising spend that Google funds non-profits to allocate to their search campaigns on the global search engine. As a trusted Google Ad Grant Partner, my goal is to help your non-profit utilize the grant by providing you with cutting edge marketing solutions and world-class customer success service throughout this process. A successful partnership with me means higher-visibility online and more interested people donating or joining your cause! Not only am I passionate about giving back, but it is part of what I do 24/7 as a full-time marketing strategist.

SEO for Nonprofit

SEO helps non-profits reach the people they need to have a positive outcome. My uncomplicated, optimized management of your website will deliver better information to search engines so that your content is properly indexed and displayed within their index. If you are unable to manage or complete SEO optimizations due to budget constraints, I also offer an affordable monthly service package for your organization.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

With my Facebook and Instagram ad agency, you know that your ads are being served to the people with the highest propensity for donating or supporting your cause. With quality creative and strong targeting tools and effective advertising strategies, I have a great ROI on Facebook and Instagram ads for non-profits--higher than any other type of digital advertising.

My team of experts will help you set up an effective online strategy and develop & execute that strategy through which you can grow your audience, increase donations, and spread your message.
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