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Hello, I am Victoria Philips, the founder of Philips Non-profit & NGO Consulting. I am a fundraiser, women empowerment coach, blogger, offline & online marketing consultant, and leadership development strategist. You might think that is quite a lot of title for just one person. But what you see me as depends entirely on you and what I can do for you.
My extensive skill set allows me to undertake several responsibilities. I have worked with several nonprofit organizations and have helped them maximize their donations and increase their reach.
At the end of the day, the magic happens when all my strengths and capabilities come together. I make the most of my skills when I can put my 12+ years of experience, in education, leadership roles, in the non-profit sector and as a researcher, consultant, and instructor across industries, to good use. Simply put, I am a passion-pusher, result-oriented and a business owner who partners with socially conscious people, businesses or organizations, and societies.
I am a certified non-profit professional and a member of the international honor society, Nu Lambda Mu, with extensive international work experience in non-governmental organizations (ngos) across Asia, Europe, North America and Africa.
Philips Non-profit and NGO Consulting, is based in California and works with non-profits, ngos, and charities, of all sizes, who want to raise more money faster and coach new non-profits on effective fundraising strategies.


I have served in organizations with diverse missions and operations in African, Asian, and North American countries such as the United States and other countries. Fundraising for human rights, immigration, youth growth, education, women empowerment, housing, and social justice are only a few examples. These are all causes that I care deeply about.

It pains my heart when I see Non-profit Executives go through untold pain to achieve their goals for their interventions in African, North American and other countries around the world. This fact and due to my experience and perspective on how fundraising, marketing, and leadership development work, in different environments, are the reasons I am in high demand in Africa and especially by Canadian and American institutions and professional advancement organizations.
I have extensive expertise in organization development planning and revenue growth with special focus on donor partnerships, large donations, annual appeals, fundraising programs and activities, corporate sponsorship, planned to give, and development strategy. My disciplines constitute a unique skill set that qualifies me to successfully work as a consultant for non-profit organizations and ngos.
I know that fundraising, in this day and age, can be pretty stressful, especially since we are still in the middle of a global pandemic. But the pandemic means more and more people need our help, and fundraising can bring you one step closer to helping someone in need. The economy has been affected by the pandemic, as expected, and it has only increased the demand for fundraising efforts.
Non-profit and non-governmental organization executives are concerned about carrying out their fundraising programs successfully in this situation. Talking to donors may also be considered inappropriate by some or intimidating.
But I believe that organizations should rekindle their passion for motivating their teams to action in these trying times. I believe that Philips Non-profit & NGO Consulting can help organizations find the best way to tackle their problems and successfully reach their organizational goals.
My academic training spans the knowledge areas most critical and relevant to the success of Non-profits and ngos. With two Diplomas and two Masters’ degrees with a phd. In Non-profit and Leadership Development (in view), I strongly believe I am in the genre of the upper quartile consultants you would love and be pleased to work with. I am also very much ready to deploy all the tools, knowledge, and skills I have gathered through my academic and experiential journey.
From serving in paid employment till I founded Philips Non-profit & NGO Consulting, I have solved several unique, yet similar problems that nonprofit organizations face. My consulting practice was motivated by two factors:
My belief that leadership is the single most crucial factor in organizational success. As the founder and lead consultant of my own firm, I could use my leadership knowledge and experience to help non-profit organizations as well as my employees grow;
My desire to work on multiple causes to effect societal change. As someone with the capacity and skilled at working with multiple organizations, with the help of my team of experts, I can make that a reality.
My past employers, who have helped me grow and flourish over the last decade, include:
San Diego Mentors
University of San Diego
International Association of Asylum Seekers and Refugee
I tend to make time for things that are important to me as well. When I am not serving clients, holding workshops or making presentations, I enjoy spending time with my children, playing video games, and fundraising!

My mission is to know what you truly care about, then collaborate with you towards good success.
To provide relevant solutions to Leaders and Executives of Non-profits through exploring and deploying my vast knowledge and experience in the Non-profit consultancy practice. Human rights, immigration, youth development, education, women empowerment, housing, and social justice are just a few examples of non-profit sectors that I care about. My mission is to work towards a better world through collaboration on projects that bring about high positive social impact.

My Vision is all about you.
My vision is to help non-profits make the most of their modern technology. Sometimes, non-profit organizations don’t even realize that they can increase their donation size by making a few key adjustments in their system that’s already in place. Since its inception in 2020, my company Philips Non-profit & NGO Consulting, has been focused on helping non-profits helps others by developing and implementing technology strategies.
The company may not have been in existence for a long time, but I am already proud of its progress. My vision is to provide streamlined solutions that enable non-profits to spend more of their time working with people and putting all their marketing efforts on their IT platforms.
I understand that technology will only work if people have the skills and desire to use it. After all, technology is just a tool we use, and our breadth of knowledge determines how effective it will be. This is what distinguishes my company from the competition.
I pride myself on taking the time and making an effort to involve all stakeholders in developing and implementing the fundraising strategies. My experience of working with non-profit organizations has taught me a lot. It has humbled me while also helping me grow into a better person than I was yesterday.
But one thing that hasn’t changed for me after working with international non-profit organizations across the border. And that is my passion for assisting clients in utilizing the right technology strategies and systems to expand the impact of their vital missions significantly. My vision is to keep working with non-profit organizations with the same passion over the coming years.

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