We help non-profits gain supporters, raise money, and measure their success.

Nonprofit organizations face many challenges in today’s world. Nowadays, it is hard to find a person who is not directly affected by the current pandemic. Nonprofits are often at the frontline of crises

because they care deeply about solving problems and providing relief. They’re also uniquely positioned to convince donors that their gifts will make a difference.

Are you a non-profit organization looking to making an impact socially, globally?

We’re here to help. We provide nonprofits with the tools and resources they need to raise more money, engage their supporters, and measure their success. We develop innovative solutions for organizations in any social sector, no matter the size across the globe, that are passionate about making the world a better place.

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Donor Fundraising System

Custom-built Fundraising solution for Your Non-profit.
Problem: The fundraising treadmill is a vicious cycle of chasing after new donors, figuring out the “perfect” way to ask them for money and worrying about how to effectively communicate with your supporters.
Solution: Fundraising strategies that work well in one non-profit or cause may not work at all in another. we helped Non-profits to find their own voice, style and approach when it comes to raising funds.
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Boost Online Presence

Accelerate the success of your non-profit with our expertise in online marketing.
Problem: You want a marketing agency that understands your mission and values.
Solution: We were founded by people who are passionate about nonprofits, so we understand the unique challenges you face every day. Our digital marketing services have been created to help you attract new supporters and increase donations.
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Go Global

Build and expand international non-governmental organization development.
Problem: How do i successfully start and scale my NGO in Africa
Solution: We have help many of our client start a NGOS in Africa successfully, we are familiar with regulation , policy and procedure to help your NGO scale and accelerate impact,
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Team in Mission impact

Strategic Approach to Staff, Board and Stakeholder Engagement
1. LeaHERship EmpowHERment
2. Volunteer Engagement & Training
4. Board Optimisation
Our Board Optimization Work Focuses
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Free Resources

What we have in our resources?
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Have you been looking for a way to get new donors without having to make cold calls or beg your board for names? Get the FREE e-book today and learn how hundreds of other organizations are finding new donors.

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Our Core Values

What is the most important part of who we are? Our core values! Those are at the center of everything we do. They’re what drives us to inspire, innovate and impact in all our work with nonprofit leaders. True partnerships start with making a genuine commitment to understanding each organization’s unique mission and community that they serve. At  Philips Nonprofit consulting  we believe in being open about communication so that these partnerships can thrive.

Nonprofit Statistics 2020

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Amount of site visitors to the non-profits last year.
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Conversions were achieved in the previous year.
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Dollers were generated for non-profit organizations the previous year.

My team is here to help you scale impact and donations of your nonprofit organization

We assist  nonprofits grow their online presence , fundraise and accelerate their growth . We specialize in helping our clients achieve success by providing them with custom-built donor fundraising systems and digital marketing strategies Contact us today to learn how we can help you accelerate and scale meaningful growth!

Some Of Our Clients

Mouna Dreams

Denest Foundation

Echoes Africa Initiatives

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